Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I just *DIED* a little

Yesterday I was approached by Diederick Verkadel, Owner and Designer at *DIED*. How so you may ask? Well, thanks to the wonders of Facebook :) 

Diederick offered to send me some of his artwork to decorate my blog hence my new and lovely blog header ;) Pretty cool huh? 

Here are 2 other illustrations that he kindly sent as well. You can also check out more of his sketches HERE

*DIED* is based in the Netherlands and started its first contemporary handcrafted collection in 2010 named "Black as Night". Owners and Designers Diederick Verkadel and Marieke Holthuis are graduates from Fashion Design Academy of Arnhem, Artez. 
They are globe trotters and use their travel experiences to inspire their work as well as handpick skilled artisans they meet throughout their expeditions. 
Each piece is unique, hand-finished and hand-numbered to make it personal and exceptional. *DIED* represents elegance for the woman they love to dress.  

Some of my picks from the shop

Learn more about *DIED*.

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