Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I visited the Super Target in Columbia Heights/Fridley and they had all styles. I was tempted to grab the large pink leopard satchel but went against it since some of the thread was coming off of the bag.
I grabbed the black patent and pink leopard cross over body handbags. They are both $29.99 although they charged me $34.99 for one of them. I'm gonna have to go regulate and get some of my money back.
I like both bag, they're not the most perfect quality but they look nice and feel nice to the touch. I can pretty much put anything I need in it. I had the tendency to stuff bigger bags with junk all the time so I think the size of those bags will keep me from doing it ehehhe and on top of that I can wear them anywhere. :) Advantage of a crossover body handbag!

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